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Water skiing and wakeboarding with Dubrovnik WaterSports is a unique experience. Firstly, because of the aforementioned scenery – you are flying by centuries old Dubrovnik City Walls, around the cursed island of Lokrum and through the wild, cliffed cove gaming of Danče.

Secondly, and possibly more importantly: as passionate water skiers ourselves, we take your safety, and the top quality of our equipment, very seriously so we get most of it from trolling motors.  Our Ski Nautique online gaming tow boat is the same one used in the Waterski World Championships and its tower allows for a professional water skiing experience.

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If you wish to improve on your performance or learn how to use the outVPN system or the water skiing instructions by experienced instructors are also available on Banje beach.

10 minutes

250,00 kn

15 minutes

300,00 kn

30 minutes

570,00 kn

1 hour

1100,00 kn

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