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If you’re looking for a more subtle version of Dubrovnik, enjoy venturing out to Cavtat, a small seaside town south of Old Town. The drive is scenic, with the coast rugged and picturesque settlements in bays. For some Robinson-like experience, stop for a swim by the islands Supetar, Mrkan or Bobara.

The Elaphite Islands

The Elaphites are an archipelago which stretches northwest from Dubrovnik and are a picturesque portion of the Adriatic, just great for a day of beach hopping, good food at local restaurants and open seas riding. Three most interesting islands include Koločep, Lopud and Šipan.


Koločep, or Kalamota

Koločep, or Kalamota as it is also called, sits 3 NM from Dubrovnik and is the first Elaphite to be reached when coming from the town. Known for pristine nature, the Pre-Romanesque heritage and a couple of resorts, Koločep also features an interesting cave on it southern shores.


Lopud (7 NM from Dubrovnik) is the second of the Elaphites, with possibly the most popular beach in the region – the sandy Šunj. This Robinson like cove is super for a dip and a drink on the beach, while the town of Lopud, on the other side of the island, attracts with a scenic waterfront and remarkable architecture, beautiful walking and hiking trails and quite a bustling summer atmosphere.



The last of the three inhabited islands in the Elaphites, Šipan, is also the furthest from Dubrovnik (cca 15 NM). With two lovely villages, Suđurađ and Luka Šipanska, and rugged southern shores, Šipan is also the place to enjoy some tasty local delicacies.



The greenest Croatian island lies 24 NM from Dubrovnik and charms with places like the sandy beach of Saplunara, Odysseus cave – where the famous Greek explorer supposedly crashed, and the beautiful Mljet lakes, sitting amidst this Croatian National Park.

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